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"I realized that people
are uninformed about
security systems.  My
goal is to educate them,
and help to provide
peace of mind."
John, Owner RMSG
Digital Video Recorder
Low-Light Dome Camera
Remotely Accessable
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Alarm Systems, CCTV and Locksmith Service
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Rocky Mountain Security Group
Remote Access
Digital Video Recorder
We use brand name camera's that include Bosch, Honeywell,
Sanyo and Speco.  There are cameras for every application!
We use low-light LED, weather proof, Vandal proof, hidden,
and vari-focal type cameras depending on your need.  We
have a selection that will fit your home or business, and that
will provide the security level you want while maintaining the
look and feel you require.  From problem employees,
vandalism, and theft to driveway and wildlife cams... We've got
you covered.
 New!  We also offer great  IP cameras by Axis.
Tired of switching VHS tapes on your system?  Rocky
Mountain Security Group only uses DVR Technology or "Digital
Video Recorders" on all surveillance systems installations.  
DVR's are basically simplified computers that use a Hard
Drive to record all media to.  This gives you the ability to easily
rewind while the DVR still records, and playback without
disrupting current recording as well.  Plug your DVR into your
existing entertainment system to view, or utilize a separate
monitor.  DVR technology also gives you the ability to make
CD ROM or DVD disc's to view on your DVD player or
computer for playback or to turn in to insurance or law
enforcement.  For business or home, the DVR is fast, easy to
use and convenient.  Most DVR's can record and store
recordings up to at least 3 weeks of time!
Remote Accessible DVR's give the home or business owner
the ability to remotely view their system from another computer
anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection.  View
your home or business while on the road from your laptop and
see what is going on.  You can also remotely access the
previous recordings or just watch live day or night, 24/7.